The mission of the Hamer Family Sprout Fund is “to build communities inspired to take action for a sustainable future”.

Our aim is to support projects and organisations that:

  • Promote innovation in environmental education
  • Facilitate engagement in environmental action
  • Advocate for environmental sustainability
  • Foster collaboration between young people engaged in environmental leadership

The Sprout Grants are provided as an incentive to new or established groups to develop initiatives that achieve this aim.

Each year, the Hamer Sprout Fund will consider applications from organisations that share the fund’s goals. We are particularly interested in giving to smaller organisations and projects to get them off the ground. Please contact us with your ideas and projects and we would love to discuss them with you.


The original Hamer Family Fund was set up in 2004 as a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation. It commemorates the lives and work of the senior generation of the Hamer family:

  • Sir Rupert (Dick) Hamer AC KCMG (1916-2004): Soldier, lawyer, state premier, supporter of equal opportunity, the arts, the environment and an Australian republic.
  • Alan Hamer (1917-2012): Rhodes Scholar, chemist, businessman.
  • Alison Patrick (1921-2009): historian, academic, author.
  • Senator David Hamer (1926-2002): naval officer, federal MP, author, supporter of parliamentary reform.

The Hamer Sprout Fund is an offshoot of the Hamer Family Fund and represents the next generation of the Hamer family. We are part of the fifth and sixth generations of the family encompassing almost 100 cousins spread across the globe. We share the goals of the Hamer Family Fund with an emphasis on the environmental aspects of the Hamer family’s legacy. The Hamer Sprout Fund is a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation.

Click here to see  the Hamer Sprout Fund brochure.

The Hamer Sprout FundAustralian Communities Foundation

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