A word from our Chair

The Sprouting Soiree, our upcoming election and other news

The Sprouts have had a busy autumn and winter with many a meeting before and after the Sprouting Soiree event. I personally want to thank our incredibly dynamic team for all chipping in on the organisational front as well as all of the generous donations of both time and labour from members of the family. Such was the positive response to the event, we are planning a yearly event in May to present our grant recipients to our community.

With the Federal election one week away, it is frustrating that the environment has not been at the forefront of policy and debate. Mark Wakeham and the team at Environment Victoria have put together an election scorecard rating the major party policies. The Guardian newspaper has an excellent article outlining the party policies on revitalising the Great Barrier Reef.

Recently I met with Mark Donaldson the Director of Goodwill Bills. Mark is an entrepreneur who is working with major energy, insurance and telecommunications businesses to divert their marketing expenses into the non-profit sector. Check out the website and see how you as a customer can divert company profits to environmental projects – a great idea!

The Sprouts are looking forward to visiting our grant recipients in the coming months and reporting back on their progress.

Again, thank you for your support and don’t forget to donate before the end of financial year.

Dave Browning