Port Phillip Eco Centre – Elster Creek Sustainable Project

Here is a brief summary of the innovative primary school educational programs the Sprouts supported in 2016. The Port Phillip Eco Centre developed extensive programs for both St.Columba’s Primary School and Elwood Primary School.

Innovation in Environmental Education

During Term 3 2016, Environmental Educators from Port Phillip EcoCentre have assisted 53 Grade 3/4 students from St.Columba’s PS investigate the rich biodiversity on Elster Creek in Elwood. Grade 6 Sustainability Leaders from Elwood Primary have conducted citizen science activities along Elster Creek and the beach front at St Kilda and St Kilda West beaches. They investigated the rich biodiversity on Elster Creek in Elwood, mapping the biodiversity and habitat locations along the creek and auditing pest sightings in the area and surveying species count.

Facilitate engagement in environmental action

The Tomorrows’ Leaders for Sustainability program at St.Columba’s has been successfully implemented with the grade 3/4 covered the topics of Energy, Biodiversity and Waste.  The Sustainability Leaders (Eco Warriors) conducted Energy Efficiency assembly presentations, made signs for classrooms to monitor energy savings, conducted energy audits of their school and reported their findings to their school community. Grade 6 Sustainability leaders from Elwood PS have participated in Tomorrows’ Leaders for Sustainability (TLfS) program and as leaders they have assisted in Nude Food initiatives, provided information at school assemblies and coordinated the Golden Tree award, an award that celebrates achievements in energy saving and waste reduction in the school.

Advocate for environmental sustainability

The EcoWarriors at have participated in an Indigenous workshop in Caring for Country, exploring biodiversity and the impacts of waste and pollution on biodiversity in the Elster Creek area.  The influence of this workshop inspired them to explore further the local impacts of litter in waterways and their passion for these issues inspired a group art project displayed at the school. TheTomorrow’s Leaders for Sustainability students have also participated in an Indigenous workshop in Caring for Country, exploring biodiversity through storytelling. They were joined by other leaders at the school for this workshop. The engaged with Boonwurrung stories about Bunjil’s law in caring for country.